Ooblets is an upcoming farming, creature collection, and town life indie game inspired by Pokémon, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing. Manage your farm, grow and train your ooblets, explore strange lands, and dance-battle wild ooblets and other ooblet trainers.

Key Features

  • Live a simple life working the land (and collecting magical creatures)
  • Customize your character’s clothing, hair style, and house
  • Take part in a bustling little town full of characters
  • Explore a variety of locations across Oob, all with their own biomes, plants, characters, and unique ooblets
  • Upgrade your dudes because I guess they’re not good enough for you
  • Join an Ooblet club. Feel wanted and appreciated. Distrust other clubs’ members.
  • Collect stuff like seeds, items, furniture, machinery, and friends


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Key People

  • Programing and Art by
    Rebecca Cordingley
  • Game Design and Writing by
    Ben Wasser
  • Music by
    Slime Girls (Pedro Silva)